Talent Acquisition as a Service

Talent Acquisition
Our team of industry specialist consultants provides support to your Talent Acquisition programme in order to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Our consultants can complement your existing department during times of high demand, such as campaign drives or provide a full-service plug in. Whatever your level of requirement, we have the expertise to meet your needs, increasing the quality of hire and candidate experience to improve your employer brand.

Evaluate your employer posture
How are you perceived by candidates in the marketplace?
CBR is a specialist in the Cyber Security industry and has a core understanding of candidates’ drivers and motivations, so we can quickly establish the perception of your organisation within the eyes of desired talent search.

Talent Attraction Strategy
Once you have a clear understanding of your position within your competitive set, our consultants will work with your organisation to identify the core levers available to attract the best talent in the industry for your business. From idea generation to execution our team will ensure you have the right plan in order to deliver the right results.

Streamline Recruitment process
We will analyse existing infrastructure, build, adapt and/or implement a robust and scalable process, streamlining your function to deliver an outstanding recruitment process. All organisations are different, which is why our consultants adapt and offer unique solutions that work specifically for you.

Introduce Talent Acquisition as a function
Our team of industry experts can provide end-to-end delivery of Talent Acquisition, taking you away from “fill the gap” to delivering sustainable talent into the organisation to help drive future success. Together we will align long-term staff planning and business strategy and will hit your target milestones with the right talent, as and when you need it.

Benefits of Talent Acquisition:
– Improve quality per hire
– Improve candidate experience and external perception
– Increase efficiencies across functions
– Drive cost efficiencies
– Tangible cost effectiveness measures
– Streamline the recruitment process


Contingency, Retained & Contracting Recruitment

Contingency Recruitment
If you are looking to add to your organisation with a small or high volume of niche hires, but not looking for a sustained commitment, we offer a no win, no fee service, where you only pay upon successful placement into your organisation. CBR has the knowledge, experience and access to a vast talent network to find the best candidates to fill your vacancies.

Our consultative approach means that we are working with candidates on careers not jobs, so candidates are screened, known to the business and working with us on their next steps in their career progression. Therefore, when a position becomes available we are ready to make the introduction at the right time.

Benefits of Contingency Recruitment:
– Low risk
– Pay on success
– Save time sifting through CVs
– No more endless interviews

Retained Recruitment

When engaging in a retained service with CBR, there is a more strategic, long-term partnership approach, where we are effectively part of your extended team, typically aligned to more strategic, senior level positions that require a higher level of commitment in order to source the hard to find talent.

We agree the scope, process and timeframe with a distinct level of commitment aligned to your objectives, so together we can deliver the right talent into your organisation.

Levels of Engagement

  • Lead Partner – Sole rights and working exclusively on hires within the business
  • Preferred Partner – Ongoing, uniformed relationship to deliver long-term recruitment needs
  • Campaign Partner – Project-based dedicated resource

Benefits of Retained Recruitment:

– Commitment and assurance on project delivery

– Rigorous process

– Aligned deliverables

– Close working partnership

Contracting Recruitment
CBR provides short and long-term approved contractors to supplement your permanent recruitment programme in order to meet your immediate business needs.

Our team of cyber industry experts utilise their years of experience, knowledge and ongoing relationships to deliver the right talent into your organisation at the speed and time you need it most.

Benefits of contracting Recruitment:

– Fast delivery to fill a resource of skills gap

– Reliable source of talent

– Vast candidate pool