Making your CV Standout

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

I know the subject has been done to over and over again, however we are still seeing many CV’s that fail to deliver against the candidate’s potential. Recruiters only spend a short time reading or scanning your CV, so it’s important that you highlight the areas which best represent you, your achievements and why you should be considered for the role.


by Ludi Martin, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant


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Below are some of the areas that you should consider when trying to make your CV stand out;

  1. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

A single typo could significantly land you on the reject pile, especially when you are up against an equally qualified candidate or if you describe yourself as highly analytical.

  1. Pick a job title

Providing the reader with a clear understanding of your roles, responsibility and progression will allow the them to understand your experience and Having too varied job titles suggests you do loads of good things, but not specialised in a specific area.

  1. Highlight your key achievements

Whilst providing a description of your role and responsibilities provides a good understanding of what you do, it doesn’t tell the reader how well you are performing

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