1. Specialists in Cyber Security and Technology
Our team is built on a collective of consultants with unparalleled experience and expertise across all areas of the Cyber Security landscape, recruiting across all functions and levels of seniority.

2. Access to the Best and Emerging Talent in the Industry
Due to an extensive network in EMEA, our team represents some of the best experienced and emerging talent within the industry; therefore, we can find the right people with the necessary skillset and experience to deliver against your requirements.

3. Cultural Understanding
At CBR we do not underestimate the important of cultural fit within an organisation, which is why we deliver a “career” not “jobs” approach with our candidates. This means that we take the time to understand the environments in which they will thrive, so that we provide you with the right person for the job.

4. Agile and Responsive
With a blend of talent acquisition and recruitment expertise CBR can deliver quality at speed, through vast experience and an understanding of the industry and requirements to succeed.

5. Build your Brand
Whatever your level of requirement, we have the expertise to meet your needs, increasing the quality of hire and candidate experience to improve your employer brand.


Working with Cyber Business Resource was a great experience as they are able to provide a high quality service with an exceptional understanding of the market. We look forward to developing the relationship in the future and leverage their specialist skill set further.

Atif Ahmed