1. Careers not Jobs
At CBR we deliver against career ambitions, utilising our vast network within the Cyber Security industry to provide long-term opportunities that drive your career forward in your chosen path.

2. Specialists in Cyber Security
Our team is built on a collective of consultants with unparalleled experience and expertise in Cyber Security, delivering talent into all functions and levels of seniority, so whatever your next move we have the opportunities waiting for you.

3. Cultural Understanding
CBR’s experience of the Cyber Security industry, as well as an appreciation of the importance of culture within an organisation, ensures we introduce the right organisations to further your career, not a quick fix. We will carefully consider the types of environments where you can thrive, as well as the ones you may shy away from, which aligns with our “careers” not “jobs” approach. The CBR team is not a machine and because of our relationships and understanding of the industry we are best placed to make a judgement call as to what is right for you.

4. Right for you
We take the time to get to know you and understand your strengths and motivations in order to present you with the best opportunities to further your career. You own the process and we work with you to deliver against your ambition and expertise.

5. Agile and Responsive
Our consultants’ knowledge and experience allow them to establish your needs and ambition and then match them to the best available opportunities out there in the market, faster than the competition, so we can put you one step ahead of the following pack.

6. Guidance and Support
CBR takes pride in our long-term relationships to deliver a best in class service that fulfils both your requirements and those of our clients. We are with you every step of the way from the initial engagement to placement and years beyond, so we are ready to continue your journey.